Report on the operational de-brief for Pride 2010

We have received the following report from Ian Taylor, Events Manager for Brighton and Hove City Council, from the operational de-brief on Pride 2010 which occured on 31st August:

We have now had the Pride operational de-brief with Pride and all of our partner agencies – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Environmental Health, City Clean, parks, licensing etc.  All aspects of this year’s Pride (see a copy of the agenda below) were discussed and without doubt the single biggest criticism was that of the clean-up operation.  Pride admit that the company that they employed proved to be wholly inadequate – the police, fire brigade and Council all put in representations to the future use of this company.

We ran through a host of technical and logistical arrangements but the key outcomes of the “ bigger picture” issues were:

1. To do nothing is not an option – Pride cannot continue in it’s present format. The emergency services have made it very clear that they have a number of major concerns – overcrowding, drug and alcohol abuse and widespread anti-social behaviour – that would lead them to object if the event was presented to them in a similar format for next year.  We would never go against police objections and would therefore not grant consent for the event to take place.

2. Pride are going to go away to consider their options, which they are to report back to the ELT (Emergency Liaison Team) in November 2010. These options include:

  • to not have an event in 2011
  • to use a venue other than Preston Park, most probably Madeira Drive
  • to hold the parade but not the park element of the event
  • to continue to use Preston Park but in a far more controlled environment i.e. a fenced, ticketed event with a set capacity

Ian Taylor
Events Manager


Full Multi-agency Meeting

Tuesday 31st August 2010 at 10:30 in Committee Room 1Hove Town Hall

1.  Introductions

2.        Parade

– Form up
– Route/Traffic Management
– Arrival at park
– Dispersal of Floats

3. Park
– Overview from Pride
– Police
– Fire Safety
– Medical
– Production
– Stewarding
– Licensing
– Food safety
– Noise Management
– Health & Safety
– Access
– Traffic Management
– Waste Management/Recycling/Cleansing
– Reinstatement/Grounds Maintenance
– Planning Process

4. Campsite           

5. Post Event/St James Street

– Other Events

6. Pride, the future?

7. Any Other Business