Our questionnaire – the results!!!

We received 121 completed responses to our questionnaire. Below is a précis of the results. Note that the responses shown are the top four comments for each of the categories.

(The numbers shown should not be taken as percentages as not everyone completed all of the questions.)

The most popular answers to:

What do you most dislike/would want to change about the park?
Parking-related (22)
Cafe-related (14)
Dog-related (12)
Disposable BBQ’s (7)

There are 2 decommissioned bowling-greens. What would you like to see them used for?
Boules/petanque (14)
Pool (paddling/swimming) (14)
Plant-related e.g. allotments (13)
Volleyball (7)

What sort of events would you like to see being held at the park?
Fairs/fetes (30)
Open-air concerts (17)
Open-air theatre (8)
Open-air cinema (5)

The results are due to be discussed with councilors and park staff at the next committee meeting and the outcome will be posted.