Tree walk with Alister Peters

On a rainy afternoon this week, over 20 people were led by Alister Peters, expert arborist, on a very interesting and enjoyable walk around many of the different trees in Preston Park.

Much of Brighton has chalky soils on which some trees can struggle to survive, but Preston Park is in a valley with better soils, enabling a wide variety of trees to flourish. Whilst, you will find familiar trees such as the beech (common and copper), London plane, lime, English oak, chestnut (horse and sweet), sycamore and several species of elm, there are also trees that are less common in this country, such as the sequoia, various species of maple, ginkgo, walnut, Hungarian and Turkey oaks, and Indian bean tree, to name just some of them. The last, (as shown in the photo), was in flower. Some of the other trees have beautiful flowers earlier in the year or particularly attractive foliage in the autumn.

It is comforting to know that such a large variety ensures and that we will continue to have many wonderful trees in Preston Park despite the threats presented by diseases such as ash dieback and elm disease. 

Our next walk will be on Thursday, 17 August and will be curated by Alan Griffiths, former CityParks manager.

To attend this walk, please sign up to Eventbrite. The event should be wheelchair accessible but please note that as it will be held in the park, the ground may be uneven. Donations will be requested at the end.