Put away the matches: Brighton’s doing fireworks digitally!

The organisers of a keenly awaited futuristic digital firework extravaganza have announced that it will take place – for free – at Brighton’s Preston Park on Nov 2 at 7pm & 8pm.

PixelPyros is a virtual pyrotechnics display mounted onto a massive 60-foot wide screen using state-of-the-art projectors and lasers, which invites its audience to get up close and personal with digital art by touching bright orbs of light on the screen to fire off beautiful multi-coloured rockets.

Seb Lee-Delisle is the Brighton-based digital artist and BAFTA award winning digital media creative behind PixelPyros:

‘It’s brilliant to be bringing PixelPyros to my hometown as part of our national tour. People were really disappointed when we had to postpone our date closing Brighton Digital Festival in September but holding it in Preston Park at this time of year feels perfect.

‘At most firework displays, it’s the qualified pyro-technicians that get to have all the fun. PixelPyros turns that on its head and actually relies on the audience to make it happen. Come down to Preston Park and help us make our event go off with a digital bang!’

PixelPyros’ Brighton date is the second in a national tour travelling to Nottingham, Leicester and Huddersfield. The piece is funded by Arts Council England in recognition of its ability to inspire people with the creative potential of technology.

‘As an artist that works with technology, I love to encourage people to rethink what it can offer us,’ Seb continues. ‘We hear so much about the negative influence it can have on young people in particular but I created PixelPyros to show how technology can really unite people in a shared experience.’

To see a short film about PixelPryros visit: http://pixelpyros.org; keep up to date with news – including updates regarding bad weather plans – follow us on twitter here: @pixelpyros; and join our facebook group here:www.facebook.com/pixelpyros.