Profile of Charlotte Reynolds

Charlotte Reynolds
One of Charlotte's volunteering colleagues, Trixie, mentioned that it is a pleasure to have a young person on the team who is intending to make horticulture her profession.

Charlotte is a volunteer gardener at the Rock Garden.

Why have you decided to be a volunteer gardener?
To gain experience for the horticulture course I’m studying at Stanmer Park.

What is it you enjoy about the work?
Andy [Jeavons, Head Gardener at the Rock Garden] is a really good gardener, very knowledgeable, and I’m learning a lot from him. I also enjoy doing something different every week.

What is it you’re doing in the Rock Garden at the moment?
We’re redeveloping the woodland area at the back – getting it all cleared and planted up. We’re also building a ‘dead hedge’ that is, making a wooden, woven frame which has shrubs planted in between which will encourage wildlife.

What are your ambitions for the Rock Garden?
I’d like to see more events being held in the Rock Garden – it tends to get forgotten about. The garden is, and will be more so in the future, a really good place to see a great many different types of plants growing.