Parking money spend latest

The project team which is responsible for the implementation of park-users’ decision about the spending of parking-fee money has told us that:

‘Following the consultation in which the Velodrome area was chosen for improvement we have met with the groups active at the Velodrome and agreed the following improvements:

  • Repair and modification of the flint terraced structure; remove one of the central tarmac paths and create a longer grassed terraced in it’s place and repair the crumbling flint supporting the terraces to a good standard: 70%
  • Completion of the existing more modern fencing around the velodrome so that the increased cycle use is safe and less prone to people and animals climbing in during races: 15%
  • Contribution towards the St Peters Cricket Club artificial wicket: 15%

Cityparks, in their efforts to ensure that they are able to maintain facilities, is looking at increasing income from track use as well as entering into a new lease arrangement with St Peters Cricket Club in which they manage the Pavilion and cricket pitches themselves.

The reality is that as we have changed the parking charges structure to make it easier for people to use the park. Parking income in future will not generate the same income as we have seen in the first year. We have always said that the monies should be spent on priorities that are set out in the Green Flag Management Plan.’