Talking to Peter Riddleston

Peter Riddleston

Click on the link below to hear this interview with retired Preston Park gardener, Peter Riddleston. Peter was interviewed by the Friends of Preston Park and oral historian Jo Palache in order to make his fascinating memories of the park’s history available to everyone. His vivid recollections start from the second world war and include his meetings with Captain Bertie MacLaren, who was instrumental in designing the Preston Park that we know today.

Listen to the interview

The following photos were scanned from Peter’s collection:

These are the statues that are now in the Rose Garden in Preston Park.
Captain Bertie MacLaren, who played a major part in the design of Preston Park.
Another picture of Captain Bertie MacLaren
Bomb damage during the war
Another photo of the damage
And another photo of the damage
A picture of Peter as a schoolboy. He is the one holding the sign.
The walled garden of Preston Manor before the A23 was widened.
An arial shot of Preston Park showing how it was used for allotments during the war.
Shows the water tank in the park, built during World War II to help put out potential fires, but also to facilitate army manoeuvres as shown.