Cherry Blossom Walk Campaign 2021

We’re looking to raise at least £8000 to plant 80 new trees in Preston Park, to create a fabulous new cherry blossom walk.

We are very pleased to announce that, with your support, we will be helping to create a beautiful Flowering Cherry Blossom Walk in Preston Park. This idea comes from our very own award-winning Garden Manager Andy Jeavons, and you will be as keen as us to realise his vision when you look at these pictures that show how beautiful it will be as the trees mature. Our three local councillors and the management of City Parks are fully supportive of this project, which we hope to start this coming autumn.

Initially, we will be planting 80 trees along both sides of the footpath between the tennis courts and the Rose Garden, so that they will grow to produce a spectacular arch of blossom in the springtime. The variety that Andy has chosen is not fruit-bearing but do have beautiful leaves that change colour with the seasons so will be stunning year-round. If we can raise more money next year, we will plant another path at right angles to this walk, from the front of the Park to the former Men’s Bowling Pavilion, forming a huge cross of blossom trees. We would very much like to dedicate these Blossom Walks to commemorate the NHS and all other support staff who have provided such magnificent service to us all during the pandemic. We think the blossoms will be a very suitable and lasting symbol of hope for the future and the community.

How can YOU help us achieve this dream? The cost of the 80 trees will be approximately £100 per tree, so we need to raise at least £8000 quickly to reach our goal of being able to plant the trees this autumn. We know that is a large amount, but City Parks has pledged to help us, and the Committee of Friends of Preston Park is also seeking some alternative sources of funding. The Committee will also be contributing £2000 towards the £8000 target.

We have set up a JustGiving page so please go to it straight away and pledge as much as you are able. Any amount, however big or small, will be welcome in this great community project! Some of you may want to make a contribution in memory of someone close to you. Although we cannot accommodate personal memorial plaques on individual trees, as they would make the Blossom Walk look sombre rather than joyful, we will make provision for one large plaque near the walk, with the names of people and sponsors donating more than £100.

Please help us to achieve this wonderful project in Preston Park. You will have seen that we have lost several trees to elm disease and ash dieback this year and, while these trees will be replaced, we think that adding to the diversity of trees in Preston Park will make it more sustainable for the future. When the trees grow to a suitable size to walk under the blossom along the Walk, we plan to have an annual Japanese-style blossom festival to welcome Spring! So please dig deep and go to the website now to help us achieve a joyful and beautiful community project now!