Update on the Cherry Blossom Walk

We are very pleased to announce that our 60 Prunus X Umineko trees, better known as our Japanese Flowering Cherry Blossoms, have arrived! The trees were delivered in individual large pots for protection, and have been safely stored where they can be looked after before being planted out on the site of the Cherry Blossom Walk.

The site needs to be fully prepared before we can start planting, including moving a couple of trees and giving a hard prune to the two very overgrown Yew trees which are outside the Whoopsadaisy Play Pavilion. These two trees have not been pruned for many years and so you may be alarmed to see the extent of pruning, but rest assured this will be done by professional arborists. The Yew trees will greatly benefit from this pruning which will make them more healthy and extend their life. They will continue to be looked after more carefully than previously once the blossom trees are planted.

Once we have a fixed planting date, we will let you know as we will need lots of help to plant all 60 trees! Our regular volunteer gardeners are ready to help, and the local University of the Third Age group has also offered help, which is most welcome. We have now collected just over £9000 in donations so should also have the funds for ancillary costs of planting such as supports, irrigation and protection as well as the commemoration plaque.