Update on parking monies

Here’s the latest news from our Chair:

We have recently met with the council to discuss how the surplus parking monies have been spent this year, and what the plans are for the future.
So far this year, money has been spent on installing a new artificial cricket wicket and making improvements and repairs to the fencing around the cycling track. This spend was approved through a public consultation exercise this time last year. However, the proposed repairs to the flint walls around the cycle track have been deferred because a better understanding of the costs and benefits of this work needs to be established.

The parking scheme is currently producing an estimated surplus of about £37k per year and the good news is that by the end of this financial year (March 2015) there could be around £59k available for projects and improvements in the park.

As you might imagine, there are many competing demands making a call on this money, including the need to make some repairs to the toilets adjacent to the two cafes. The Councils Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee will consider using some of the surplus to fund these repairs. The council committee will make a decision on 7 October.

Looking to the future, the council plan to prioritise projects in the park. The council is keen to develop a 5-year ‘masterplan’ for the park, to help inform the priorities and this is an idea that we broadly welcome. This is still in the very early stages so we don’t know yet what projects will be included, or how public consultation will take place. Officers from the Parks Department are keen to work closely with us on the development of the masterplan and consultation. We will let you know more as the detail emerges.