Spring in the Park

The Cherry Blossom Tree Picnic is our first event of the year, due to take place in the Park this Sunday 24th March. This event is closely followed by our Bird Walk with Simeon Elliot on Sunday 31st March, 8:30 to 10:30 am. Please register on Eventbrite for tickets and information.

Last month we lost a large elm tree north of the Coronation Garden. It succumbed to the ferocious wind and rain and fell onto three young elm trees, which sadly had to be felled.

The Coronation Garden daffodils planted two years ago are splendid and the magnolia is looking at its best. The beds at the entrance of the Walled Garden have been carefully cleared of bramble by our volunteers.

Our dedicated team of volunteers have been looking after the beds along the Preston Road and the Dalhia walk, which are planted with a variety of narcissi and daffodils.

The Rockery is looking impeccable as usual and these bright tulips add a vibrant touch of colour. Friends of Preston Park purchased a propagating bench with donations from Pride and we are growing our own plants for the Park.

The Rose Garden has benefitted from thirty tonnes of mulch, spread on the beds by volunteers and CityParks gardeners. Two lecterns have been erected to help you identify the roses in the different beds. You will notice new varieties supplied by the rose grower David Austin.

We have many events which may be of interest to you. Tickets are available on Eventbrite (free or £3).