Seasonal Rockery vandalism

We would like to report that The Rockery has once again sadly been vandalised. Whilst this behaviour is sporadic and not every day, it is frustrating and upsetting for those who not only work in the park but also for the volunteers and park dwellers who enjoy their surroundings without destroying them. Two young trees were snapped, the grass bank was used as a sledge run that has ruined the grass and, worst of all, the pond has been covered in twigs, branches, litter and anything that could be thrown onto the ice. However, what these people don’t seem to realise is that what they throw onto the ice will stay in the pond. Parents were seen encouraging their children to throw items onto the ice. This seems to happen whenever the pond ices up. We politely ask that they refrain from doing so. As demonstrated in the photo, the result of their actions is not a good one. Wildlife is also negatively impacted by their ill thought ‘fun’. Please respect the park. It belongs to us all.