Rose Garden Fencing

Visitors to the Rose Garden may have noticed that there is now a fence at the northern and southern ends of the garden. This is to try and protect the roses that have been crushed by people making paths through the rose beds and letting their dogs run through them.

The Friends of Preston Park (FoPP) have been crowdfunding for new roses to fill these gaps and people have generously donated money towards this. Therefore, we have been working with CityParks to find a solution so that the new roses would stand more of a chance of survival.

Reusing panelling from other areas of the park, we have found a cheaper solution to try and protect the garden. We are grateful to Cityparks and particularly manager, James Harding for help in making this happen. The fence will be painted in due course.

Whilst the fence doesn’t cut the roses off to the public, it is hoped that those who only want to walk through, will now be channelled to the paths. Those who still wish to smell the roses, can still do so. The new roses will be planted at a later stage and signage explaining the various rose types will also be placed near the fenced areas.

We hope everyone will enjoy the revamp and that dog walkers will respectfully continue to put their dogs on leads whilst walking though the Rose Garden area.