Recent events

Bat walk: This took place last month; attendees were led by Sussex Wildlife expert Huw Morgan. A beautiful, still evening – just right for bats. Everyone had a good time apparently, and Huw was very informative. But there were no bats! Very disappointing. But thank you Huw.

Tree walk: Luckily there were a large number of trees available for Alister Peters’ and Peter Bourne‚Äôs very excellent tree walk. About 50 people attended and were fascinated by the richness of our arboricultural treasures in the park. Thank you Peter and Alister.

Preston Village Open Day: This happened to coincide with the England-Panama match (score 6-1 as if you could forget). We were kept up to date with the match by the roars coming from the local pub. The event was well-attended and everyone had an exceptionally happy time – which is what we were aiming for. And there was no rain!