Profile of Garry Meyer

Garry Meyer

Garry Meyer is Ranger for Dyke Road Park and Bevendean Downs Nature Reserve as well as Preston Park.

He has been a Ranger for four years and a Ranger for Preston Park for just over a year. He was a member of the grounds maintenance team in Preston Park so knows the park very well.

What do you like about the job?
I like working with community groups – like the Friends of Preston Park! I like being out and about and feeling like I’m making an impact.

What contributions have you made to the park?
I was instrumental in forming the Friends of Preston Park and I’ve organised a number of activities in the park. I’ve wanted to be a Ranger for Preston Park for a while. The park is a huge focal point and facility for the city. Everyone knows Preston Park – most people in the city will have used the park at some point. I feel a sense of pride and prestige at being a Ranger for the park.

What’s the best thing about the park?
Well, it’s so well-used and so well maintained. And more than any other park in the city there’s something going on from early in the morning to late in the evening – it’s so popular. A fantastic green space used by so many people, all getting enjoyment from it.

What are your ambitions for the park?
I’d like to see a lot more information in the park about its history and facilities. Perhaps it could be collated and designed by a local school in conjunction with the Friends group and Brighton and Hove City Council? There are lots of things about the park that people aren’t necessarily aware of: plants, trees, buildings. I think if people know more, they can enjoy it more.

Thank you Garry!