Pride arrangements: a reminder

A reminder that Pride is currently setting up for their event next weekend. Here’s the schedule for how the park will be affected:

Sunday 30th July: The area in BLUE will be fenced off to allow the load in of the stage to start.

Monday 31st July: The fence line will start to go up around the park. During this time the whole park is accessible but we do advise caution as there will be lots of vehicle movement.

Tuesday 1st August: The fence line will be completed. Area within the red fence line is closed to the public. As local residents ourselves we know people cut across the park to get to work. You will be able to go through the park from north (GATE Y) to the south (GATE B) every morning between 06:00-08:00 Tuesday 1st August-Friday 4th August.

Wednesday 2nd August: At 18:00 the GREEN area will be closed to the public.
The south east end of the park including the basketball courts, children’s playground, tennis courts, bowling green, rose garden will be open. There will be fencing going up but you will still be able to use these areas.

Thursday 3rd August: At 18:00 the basketball court (ORANGE) will be closed.

Friday 4th August: At 18:00 the children’s playground, tennis courts and bowling green’s (PINK) will be closed.

There will be fencing around the rose garden on Saturday 5th August to protect the owners; the Rotunda cafe will be accessible throughout Pride. After the event, the team work really hard to get the park open and back to full use as soon as possible and we reverse the phases. We will be opening the children’s playground ready for use on Sunday morning. The GREEN area will be open by Monday morning.