PrestFest: the schedule

PrestFest 2012Here’s a line-up of scheduled events at PrestFest this Saturday from 11.30 …

  • 11.30 Zumba fitness: funky rhythms and easy dance moves
  • 11.50 Dylan Hodgson: Brighton’s young guitar hopeful serves up an engaging blend of American Folk and Roots. A beautiful starter for the afternoon’s musical acts.
  • 12.20 Huxley’s Birds of Prey demonstration
  • 12.50 K-Bis Theatre School
  • 13.05 The DBs: a blend of anti-folk….. a bit of Easy Rider…. a bit of Woodstock …. a bit of Lark Rise to Candleford …. perfect for an afternoon in the park!
  • 13.50 Wolflung: a chilled blend of latin jazz rhythms, caustic lyrics and sweet sweet guitars.
  • 14.30 Huxley’s Birds of Prey demonstration
  • 15.00 Duke of Burgundy: An upbeat blend of folk, rock and reggae. Turning up the tempo after your picnics!
  • 15.50 Zumba fitness: funky rhythms and easy dance moves
  • 16.15 Azul: a vibrant mix of North Brazilian Carnival music with drumming, singing and dancing. Brazilian Roots music at its best! The highlight of Kemp Town Carnival earlier this year, you will just have to join in with this lot!

Throughout the day you can take advantage of a wide range of arts and crafts, community groups, games and sports, as well as the best food and drink available anywhere. Full details here.