Peter Bourne’s Tree Walk – Sunday 16th October

What is the connection between stinging nettles and elm trees? They are related as they both belong to the order of urticales. This is one of the many facts we learnt with Peter on another successful tree walk. It is estimated that there are around 30 000 elms doted around the city, in parks, on pavements and in private gardens. To fight the Dutch elm disease Brighton and Hove City Council are very involved in the mammoth task of preserving and conserving the trees and in collaboration with Plumpton College, are active in the propagation of saplings to ensure a good supply of replacement elms. There has been much data research on the city’s elms and it is now established that Brighton and Hove is home to a lovely collection of 135 species, some of them being unique specimens in the world. You can admire some of the most majestic elms of the city in Preston Park.