Parking in the park

Many of you have been in touch to express dismay to see cars in the park – and the problem seems to have grown. (No cars should be in the park except for blue badge-holders who can park in designated bays and display their badge.)

We have met with council officials and councillors to come up with a solution that would mitigate the problem. You may remember we gained an agreement for bollards to be installed at the north east entrance – to allow for access to blue badge-holders but to provide a deterrent to others – for clear signage at that entrance to explain that cars are not allowed and for the wooden posts which line the grass to be repaired or replaced. Work should start installing these very soon.

We have also succeeded in ensuring that parking enforcement officers are in the park on a regular basis and at times when the most cars seem to be in the park. (Also, at the time of writing, bollards are being installed near the Chalet café; this barrier should be fully effective once the wooden posts are repaired.) Hopefully these measures will help prevent unauthorised car access – we’d hate to see an accident.