Nature update

Butterflies seen recently around the Rock Garden and the Walled Garden include orangetips, brimstones, peacocks, common blues and small whites. Let us know if you spot any more varieties.

Brimstone butterfly

We were thrilled to hear of a sighting of treecreeper birds in the trees in woodland walk – quite near the playground. They usually hang out in the elms by the main road but haven’t been seen for a while. Mind you, they’re hard to spot. They are tiny, have long, slender down-curved bills and are speckly brown in colour. As the name suggests, they cling on to the bark and creep around the trunks of trees looking for insects. Here’s a pic of one:


You may have noticed that the newts in the Rotunda pond are busy breeding at the moment. Please leave them be – I know it’s tempting for children to play with them, but it’s important that they remain undisturbed. Same with dogs really – not good for the poor old newts when dogs go splashing through the pond! A notice has been ordered to ask that the newts be left alone; we’re hoping that it will be erected soon.