History of Preston Park Walk with Sue Shephard

The Friends of Preston Park (FoPP) enjoyed another informative and fabulous history walk in the park this week given by former FoPP Chair, Sue Shepherd. Sue has great knowledge of the park and of what was in this area before, including the Romans! Sue has thoroughly researched the Preston area and has collated some very interesting and often at times, odd and funny facts; the underground square of land identified as a pond to test tanks in during World War II for one, and that during a baseball match between Canadian soldiers and Brits, the entire stock of chewing gum in the country was said to be bought up for the occasion! The Rockery once had possible Roman slave quarters and did you know, the large rocks that currently form the garden were rolled off a train from the railway at the top and a man was installed at the bottom to stop them crashing into traffic on the Preston Road! Poor man! 

Thank you to all those people who came to listen and to those who donated money towards FoPP funds. Don’t forget our next event is on 29 June, 18.00 – 19.30. Andy Jeavons will be giving one of his amazing talk and walks around The Rockery. If you are interested, please sign up through our Eventbrite app on the website.