Getting radical in the Rookery


There’s been more radical activity in the Rookery (or Rock Garden) that you may have noticed. It was decided to take out some old, overgrown shrubbery and replant the area as a winter garden.

Andy Jeavons, who’s in charge of the garden, says: ‘Coloured winter bark from willows and dogwood along with lots of taller grasses to give all year round movement and will form the backbone of the garden. The other major factor will be scent: daphnes, sarcococca and vibernums will run along the paths to give some lovely winter perfume. And three new trees – a Eucalyptus, a Prunus and a Betula will provide some extra interest. The area will also be mulched and then planted with spring flowering bulbs in the autumn.’

The rocks from that part of the garden have been removed but will be stored by the council for future use.