FoPP Bird Walk with Simeon Elliot

Preston Park was visited today by Simeon Elliott for his bird walk around the park.

Unfortunately, many of our winged friends decided to go elsewhere, although we did manage to see a couple of Treecreepers, Robins and Blackbirds. As well as the usual Gulls, Pigeons and Sparrows, we did see a Gold Crest and hear a beautiful Thrush. We all retired to the Chalet Cafe at the end for tea and cake.

Simeon will give us another walk in spring so hopefully we might see and hear more then.

Our next walk will be on 22 July, when Alister Peters will give us his tree walk. The walk should be wheelchair accessible but please note it will be walking around the park so the ground may be uneven. Please sign up on the FOPP website for a free ticket through Eventbrite. Donations will be requested at the end.