Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday April 8

Arrangements are now in place for our second Easter quiz for children up to the age of 13. Last year’s event was really successful, everyone had a great time, although the heat meant that both children and choccy eggs had to be kept cool!

As before, each child will be given a question sheet (different questions than last year’s) and will have to hunt down the answers which will be dotted around the park. The questions will all relate to the park in some way: its history, flora, fauna or architecture – so not only will it be fun, it will also give children a better understanding of our beautiful park. There will be two question sheets for two age-groups and everyone will have a small prize. There will be also be a drawing area where a picture of something in the park can be created – the most interesting picture for both age-groups will win a special prize.

The event will start at 11am and we’ll be there until the eggs run out (last year we ended the event at about 2.30pm). We’ll be in a marquee next to the children’s playground.