Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Hunt 2016

Well, it’s not really a hunt – it’s a quiz! And it’s for all (accompanied) children aged 12 or under. The date is Sunday 27 March – Easter Day – from 11am to around 2.30pm. Just turn up at any point between those times. We’ll be by the men’s bowls pavilion – look out for the marquee.

For £1, we’ll be handing out sheets on which there’ll be questions about the history, architecture, flora and fauna of the park. Answers will be found on special information posts around the park. Correctly completed sheets will win a Cadbury’s crème egg. (We’re not too fussy about number of questions completed if the child is very young!)

There’s also a chance for children to draw a picture showing something in the park – we supply materials – and possibly win a special prize! There will be face painting too – just £3. The idea of the event is primarily to have fun (and a bit of exercise), but also for children to learn something about our lovely park.