Cherry Blossom Tree Picnic

Friends of Preston Park (FoPP) held their first Cherry Blossom Tree picnic this week to celebrate the blossoming of our avenue of cherry trees in Preston Park, as well as the arrival of improved weather so that we can all get out into the park and enjoy it more. Those who came brought along a picnic and an urge to recite a haiku or two, in poetical homage to the amazing festivals held in Japan to celebrate the blossoming of such trees. Traditionally, haikus have a 5,7,5 pattern of three phases and 17 phonetic units. This also includes a ‘kireji’ or “cutting word” and a ‘kigo’, a seasonal reference. Some came prepared and others tried, mostly successfully, to wing it. It was great fun for all. Each attendee went home with a small gift of a specially prepared wildflower seed pack, to plant in the coming weeks. We hope everyone will successfully produce some wonderful blooms. Please get down to the park if you haven’t recently and note the number of bees on these trees. It’s a very satisfying experience. 

Our next FoPP event will be next Sunday, 31 March. Simeon Elliott will be giving a walk around the park to find out what birds we have. Please sign up via our website on Eventbrite.