Bird walk with Simeon Elliot

Those residents who signed up to this year’s bird walk were lucky to get some fairly nice weather this week. Simeon Elliot kindly gave up his time to come and explain to those unsure of birdsong and what bird is what, to explain what we were listening to. Simeon was able to point out the various birds we are fortunate to have in our urban park area despite the noise of park users and traffic. There was the usual array of pigeons and seagulls, as well as blue tits, dunnocks, black birds, wrens and robins. Some, we only heard and some, we were lucky to see as well.  They were all mostly in full song and we were, I think, incredibly lucky to see and hear a beautiful spotted woodpecker. As well as birds, Simeon is also knowledgeable about lichens, mosses and liverworts. Using hand lenses, we were able to view some amazing tree epiphytes. The truly looked like underwater corals! For those who missed the walk due to a time mix up, please keep an eye on the FoPP website and we will try and fit another bird walk in in April.

Our next event will be the Brighton & Hove Tree Trail: 12-12 & 18-19 May. Followed by the elm tree walk with Peter Bourne on 19 May. Please sign up via Eventbrite.