A new waterhole for frogs and toads

Following on the recent news on the rebuilt of the wildlife pond we are pleased to announce that the work has been completed thanks to Preston Park ranger Neil Doyle and both his teams of volunteers who worked arduously over two days, using 10 tons of ballast, 2 tons of sharp sand and 35 bags of cement.  Layers of pond seal have been applied by the Rock Garden volunteers and now it is left to Mother Nature to replenish it, as you can see on the photo.The next stage is the planting, which will mainly consist of native marginal plants with some shallow loving waterlilies. This new ecosystem will provide a haven for dragonflies, frogs, toads, newts and snails. At one end of the pond a beach effect gentle slope with pebbles had been devised to enable foxes, birds and hedgehogs to access the water. The final part of the project will be the installation of a hazel wood fence to replace the present metal protective barrier.

We are delighted that this pond will contribute to the biodiversity of the park and be a centre of interest for all nature loving people.