Painting in the Park II: Sunday 31st July, 10.00 – 13.00

Following on from our successful event in May, those aged 16 and over are warmly invited to join us in the park to create a piece of art using a medium of your choice – pencils, coloured pencils, paint, pastels, ink, collage, mixed media or any other. It will be a great day to meet other people with an artistic temperament and to share experience and knowledge.

Meet for a short briefing near the Chalet Cafe at 10.00 am. Don’t forget to bring all your own art materials. You can then choose any location in the park to create your artwork, being considerate of other park users. Preston Park has many places where you can find interesting subject matter and work directly from life.

Meet back at Chalet Cafe at 13.00 pm to share your work with your colleagues.

Any artwork you create does remain your property but we will ask your consent to take a photograph. We hope to share these online and perhaps in an exhibition in the Park.

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