Volunteers and Rangers enhance wild pond

Check out this wonderful new addition to our wildlife pond area to the north of the park. Cliff, one of the churchyard volunteers, sent us this report and these pictures – thanks Cliff! And thanks to the Rangers and the volunteer groups involved.

Great collaboration between three community volunteer groups has resulted in a marvellous new woven Hazel fence being installed around the wildlife pond at the North end of the park. The St Peter’s churchyard group has recently expanded its boundaries to keep a watchful eye on the wildlife area. From this a link was forged with the Cityparks Rangers volunteers who were coppicing Hazel in Stanmer Park; and the idea to install a natural barrier around the pond was born.

On Thursday 15th January, with help from churchyard, walled garden and Cityparks Ranger volunteers, the pond itself was unclogged. Two islands of water plants being left surrounded by plenty of open water for our local wildlife. Following delivery of newly cut hazel coppice on Monday 18th January, work commenced on Thursday and Friday that week to construct the new fence. 27 posts were driven into the ground and 35 metres of hazel coppice woven around them. Many thanks to George and Neil Doyle from Cityparks whose organisational skills (and LandRover) were much appreciated.

IMG_3015 IMG_3019 IMG_3024 IMG_3026 IMG_3029 IMG_3030