Your chance to vote for the Photo Competition 2018

All entries are now in for the 2018 photo competition. Thanks for all those who submitted such fantastic entries!

Your online votes will decide the winners. You can vote for up to three photos in each of the four categories:


Flora and Fauna

Sports and Recreation

People and Pets

Note that you will only be allowed to vote once in each category from a single computer/device.

Voting will be closed on 30th September at 11pm. The winners will be announced at our Annual General Meeting on November 3rd.

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Upcoming park walks

As part of the Heritage Open Days there will be an Illustrated History of Preston Park walk and a choice of 3 Rock Garden walks.The walks are free and there’s no need to book. Here are the dates:

Rock Garden Walks:

Come and celebrate the enduring charm of Preston Rock Gardens with a 90-minute guided tour from Andy, the head gardener. Learn about the history and plans for the future for this lovely garden.

Preston Rock Garden was built between 1934 and 1936 on a disused railway bank and covers nearly a hectare (2.4 acres). The Rockery, or Rookery as it’s often called, has seen many changes over the years. In recent years the waterfall has been repaired and the pond drained to remove 155 tons of silt. A major overhaul of the planting has also taken place.

  • Thursday 6 September 12.00 to 13.30
  • Saturday 8 September 12.00 to 13.30
  • Saturday 15 September 12.00 to 13.30

Meet outside the chalet in the Rock Garden

Illustrated History of Preston Park walk

Ever wondered about the history of Preston Park – the biggest and first municipal park in the city? This Illustrated History of Preston Park Walk will take you on a journey from Roman times to the present day. What was the ancient significance of this plot? Who owned the land, and when and why did they sell it? Who provided the money to buy the land to be a park? You will get to know the strange and varied buildings in the park, two of which are listed, one of which was bought from a distant agricultural show and moved, piecemeal, to the park. You’ll meet – in pictorial form – the eccentric man who fashioned much of the park’s display as it’s seen today – an early recycler of materials. And there are interesting stories about the park’s use in both the First and Second World Wars. Researched from a number of sources and accompanied by around 20 amazing images which will be distributed as you walk around, this is a walk you’ll remember.

  • Saturday 8 September 14.30 to 16.00 (approx)

Meet outside the Rotunda cafe

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Coming events

The Fitness Hub launch: Saturday 28 July on the bowling green in front of the pavilion. Free.

Brighton Pride: Saturday 4 August. The event will be longer than one day this year – details to follow. But on Saturday your Friends of Preston Park committee will, for the first time, be hosting a stall at the event.

Mayor’s Big Tidy-up: Thursday, 9 August 11am to 4pm near the Chalet cafe. Free, no need to book. A family-orientated event featuring a silent disco (it’s huge fun), children’s litter-themed stone painting (materials provided) as well as Mayoral involvement in drawing attention to keeping the park litter-free.

An Illustrated History of Preston Park walk: Saturday 8 September 2.30pm, meet outside the Rotunda cafe. Part of Heritage Open Days. Free, no need to book, takes about an hour.

A Tour of the Rock Garden: With Andy Jeavons, Saturday 8 September (and 2 other dates TBC) details of the meeting time and place TBC.

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Recent events

Bat walk: This took place last month; attendees were led by Sussex Wildlife expert Huw Morgan. A beautiful, still evening – just right for bats. Everyone had a good time apparently, and Huw was very informative. But there were no bats! Very disappointing. But thank you Huw.

Tree walk: Luckily there were a large number of trees available for Alister Peters’ and Peter Bourne’s very excellent tree walk. About 50 people attended and were fascinated by the richness of our arboricultural treasures in the park. Thank you Peter and Alister.

Preston Village Open Day: This happened to coincide with the England-Panama match (score 6-1 as if you could forget). We were kept up to date with the match by the roars coming from the local pub. The event was well-attended and everyone had an exceptionally happy time – which is what we were aiming for. And there was no rain!

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The Rock Garden is looking beautiful

It’s looking fantastic! Well done to Manager Andy Jeavons and the volunteers:

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Our new leaflets

We’ve designed and had printed some leaflets about the park for the benefit of park-users:

The leaflet has a map as well as points of interest, a potted history and an example of the park’s flora and fauna. The leaflets are in both cafes, Preston Manor, the Whoopsadaisy pavilion and the Booth museum – they’re free of course.

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Conservation work at St Peter’s Preston Park

Here’s the work under way to clean the stencilling . . . it’s looking really beautiful!

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Update on the Rose Garden

The borders around the garden – which, you may remember, have been recently re-planted – are looking really good. There were worries that the drought and the weeds may cause a real problem for the new plants, but diligent hoeing and watering have paid off. The borders will be mulched soon.

And new, semi-circular wooden benches have been ordered for the circular areas in the garden, see below.

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Tree walk 20th June

Trees of Preston Park

We are holding a tree walk at 7pm on Wednesday 20th June – meet outside the Rotunda. The walk will be led by experts Peter Bourne and Alister Peters. There is no need to book and there is no charge. The walk should last about an hour.

You might also be interested in our new pages on The Trees of Preston Park, including hundreds of new photos.

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Wildflower sowing

Thank you to all who came on 3rd May to help sow the wildflower seeds. And an especial thank you to Park Supervisor Mick and staff who helped us. There was a terrific turn-out, helped by the fair weather, including children of all ages and abilities – we all had great fun.

Rain’s what’s needed now, but if there is a bit of a dry spell then the area will be watered.

Here’s some pics:

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