Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Hunt 2016

Well, it’s not really a hunt – it’s a quiz! And it’s for all (accompanied) children aged 12 or under. The date is Sunday 27 March – Easter Day – from 11am to around 2.30pm. Just turn up at any point between those times. We’ll be by the men’s bowls pavilion – look out for the marquee.

For £1, we’ll be handing out sheets on which there’ll be questions about the history, architecture, flora and fauna of the park. Answers will be found on special information posts around the park. Correctly completed sheets will win a Cadbury’s crème egg. (We’re not too fussy about number of questions completed if the child is very young!)

There’s also a chance for children to draw a picture showing something in the park – we supply materials – and possibly win a special prize! There will be face painting too – just £3. The idea of the event is primarily to have fun (and a bit of exercise), but also for children to learn something about our lovely park.

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Spring is breaking through

Daffs in amongst the dogwood in the Rock Garden

Daffs in amongst the dogwood in the Rock Garden

Magnolia in the north west entrance

Magnolia in the north west entrance

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Walled garden

Walled Garden

Volunteers in the Walled Garden are busy planting and preparing for a beautiful, flowery Spring. Here some of them are planting box borders under the pergola.

The pond in the garden is still causing a leaky problem. Estimates are currently being sought to price up a thorough refurb of the pond lining.

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Archaeology update


A few days ago more intensive surveying was carried out to the east of the park, where some ‘interesting blips’ on the previous survey was felt to need further investigation. This last survey is four times as penetrating and should show whether or not the blips are something to get excited about! The picture shows the team marking out the area.

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Park Ranger news

Emma Keane

We’re very pleased and relieved to hear that our Park Ranger’s job has been saved. Thank you to those who supported the retention of these vital roles, and to the council for listening to the objections and changing their position. Our Park Ranger, Emma Keane, works closely with committee members and provides a lot of support – especially at our events.

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Work in the park

The southeast side of the park, by the Rose Garden, has had a massive haircut! This is to keep things neat and for ease of maintenance.


And the new railings have arrived to be fitted around the cycle track …


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Volunteers and Rangers enhance wild pond

Check out this wonderful new addition to our wildlife pond area to the north of the park. Cliff, one of the churchyard volunteers, sent us this report and these pictures – thanks Cliff! And thanks to the Rangers and the volunteer groups involved.

Great collaboration between three community volunteer groups has resulted in a marvellous new woven Hazel fence being installed around the wildlife pond at the North end of the park. The St Peter’s churchyard group has recently expanded its boundaries to keep a watchful eye on the wildlife area. From this a link was forged with the Cityparks Rangers volunteers who were coppicing Hazel in Stanmer Park; and the idea to install a natural barrier around the pond was born.

On Thursday 15th January, with help from churchyard, walled garden and Cityparks Ranger volunteers, the pond itself was unclogged. Two islands of water plants being left surrounded by plenty of open water for our local wildlife. Following delivery of newly cut hazel coppice on Monday 18th January, work commenced on Thursday and Friday that week to construct the new fence. 27 posts were driven into the ground and 35 metres of hazel coppice woven around them. Many thanks to George and Neil Doyle from Cityparks whose organisational skills (and LandRover) were much appreciated.

IMG_3015 IMG_3019 IMG_3024 IMG_3026 IMG_3029 IMG_3030

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Pics from our wreath making event

IMG_0384IMG_0365 IMG_0371 IMG_0373

IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1257

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Our annual report

Below please find links to the Chairman’s and the Treasurer’s Annual Reports and the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting for the Friends of Preston Park for 2014-2015.

Friends of Preston Park annual report 2015

Treasurers Report 2014-2015

Minutes of AGM 28 Nov 2015

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Another fabulous Halloween Lantern Walk!

Hundreds of people came to the event and children and adults alike were keen to show off their costumes and lanterns. Horrible beasties were banished from the park with a spectacular walk in the pitch dark with beautifully-made lanterns. It was breathtaking! 

Laura Brett was a really effective storyteller and had children spellbound. Camper Vanatics provided scummy food and drink. Scary music and dry ice added to the atmosphere. There was a prize for best lantern and best costume – but every child was awarded a ‘winner’ medal! 

Amazing what fun can be had for free!

Halloween-103 Halloween-101




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